ABIM - Annual Biocontrol Industry Meeting

Programme ABIM 2017

The programme will be published in April.

Offered Oral Presentations

The ABIM Steering Committee encourages “Offered Oral Presentations”. There are sessions especially established to accommodate these talks in a structured way. We are requesting these talks be provided initially to Isabelle Pinzauti Babrzyński and IBMA Professional Group Heads prior to 9 June 2017.

Please detail the name of the speaker, company or institution, title and topic, relevant session and a short 10 – 20 word summary of the proposed talk.
Topics are 1. Semiochemicals, 2. Natural and Biochemical Products, 3. Microbials and 4. Invertebrate Biocontrol Agents.
Talks should reflect new products, applications, production, testing, etc. and have an interest to registrants at ABIM 2017. Proposed talks will be assessed initially within the IBMA Professional Group Steering Committees and later the ABIM Steering Group as to suitability for the ABIM 2017 programme. Speakers will be advised in time to arrange early bird registration as offered talks require the speaker to register separately for the event.

While no scientific proceedings are published, presentations will be made available as pdf files on the ABIM website immediately after the conference and will stay available in the publicly accessible archive.

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