ABIM - Annual Biocontrol Industry Meeting

ABIM Meeting App and 1-to-1 Meeting Facility

ABIM Meeting App

ABIM is available on your smartphone with our App. The ABIM Meeting App is designed to make your experience more rewarding whether you are a delegate, exhibitors or speaker.

The ABIM Meeting App provides:

  1. Full programme
  2. Sponsors details
  3. Speakers profiles
  4. Exhibitors contact information
  5. List of participants
  6. 1-to-1 Meeting facility
  7. Personal schedule planner
  8. Social media links
  9. and more, much more.

To access the ABIM Meeting App, visit our App page either via smartphone/tablet or on your desktop computer. Alternatively, you can scan the QR code below.

1-to-1 Meeting Facility

ABIM is not only the key meeting place for the international biocontrol industry but often is the only opportunity for companies to meet all year. Many organisations meet for the first time at ABIM and frequently form lasting business relationships as a result.
We aim to facilitate such encounters through the provision of our 1-to-1 Meeting Service. This is a key feature of our ABIM Meeting App that can be accessed on smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop. With the service, delegates can contact each other and book virtual meetings choosing times and platforms suitable for all parties, taking into account timezones, participation in the ABIM conference and exhibition and work schedules. Delegates have the opportunity to arrange meetings using any convenient tool, including meeting at a virtual exhibition booth or outside standard ABIM opening hours.

The ABIM Meeting App is available to download anytime.

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