ABIM - Annual Biocontrol Industry Meeting

Annual Biocontrol Industry Meeting - ABIM 2020, 19-21 October 2020

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ABIM 2020 – The virtual conference and exhibition

ABIM 2020 – The virtual conference and exhibition that is based on cutting edge technology that is highly effective while simple to use. See this video to get familiar.
In case you are stuck there will be a hotline from 08:00 CEST on:

Phone +41 58 206 33 30 or email helpline@congress.ch.

ABIM 2020 will have an extraordinary good quality compacted, concentrated and themed programme with invited speakers, Bernard Blum Award, seminars, training sessions, whilst celebrating the twin Anniversaries of the 15th ABIM and 25 years of IBMA.
You will have multiple access opportunities to contact the exhibitors, talk with the exhibitors live on their digital booth, leave questions for them to respond to and hold scheduled and casual meetings. You can attend the conference sessions live and on-demand and participate in virtual workshops. You can personalise your attendance in the event and do most of the things you would normally do at ABIM and we will assist you to do this.
You can attend the fully professional interactive virtual ABIM 2020 without the need to travel, stay away from your family, business and other commitments.
Consider reinvesting some of the saving on transport and accommodation by having more colleagues participate or raising your profile from a delegate to having a mini-booth or even becoming a sponsor. Mini-booths are perfect for start-up and small companies allowing a presence for familiarising you and your company activities without being permanently tied to the stand.
We the ABIM Executive Board, will keep you updated and help you plan for your participation in ABIM 2020 making the most out of the Virtual ABIM 2020 so you arrive at the event ready to fully participate.

We look forward to welcoming you to a successful fully professional ABIM 2020,
Lucius Tamm, Anne Merz, David Cary, Jennifer Lewis, ABIM AG Executive Board

Keynote speakers ABIM 2020

Dr Sally Uren, OBE Chief Executive, Forum for the Future

Sally overseas Forum for the Future’s mission to accelerate a big shift towards a sustainable future by catalysing transformational change in global systems. This involves working with global organisations to address complex challenges in systems such as food, energy, apparel, and shipping. The global challenges we face cannot be tackled by any one person or organisation alone and Sally plays a key role in inspiring and equipping others to deliver systems change for sustainability.

Sally regularly speaks at conferences and writes for many publications.

With almost 30 years’ experience in sustainability, Sally acts an independent advisor on Advisory Boards for several global businesses, including Kimberly Clark, Kingfisher and Burberry. She is also an Advisory Board member for Sustainable Brands and Johnson and Johnson’s Earthwards Board. In 2018, she was the independent Chair of DFID’s Business Partnership Fund, part of the Business Innovation Facility. She acts as a judge for a number of sustainability award schemes, including the Queens Award for Sustainable Development.

In December 2017, Sally received an OBE in the Queen’s New Year’s Honours List for services to sustainability in business. In 2019, she was ranked number one on Assent’s list of Top 100 Corporate Social Responsibility Influence Leaders.


Why participate in ABIM 2020?

Paul Koppert, Koppert Biological Systems

“Since  the very first ABIM in 2006 we have been participating in this excellent and important event of the Biocontrol Industry. Over the years it has been growing as the premier networking meeting for our industry where everyone involved in biocontrol from around the world has to  be. Each year it has been an exciting programme and exhibition with great presentations and innovations in the booths. This year it will be different, but we are happy it still is going ahead, especially as it is the 15th anniversary of ABIM. I will be joining virtually this time, and hope you will join us as well this year”.

Why participate in ABIM 2020?

Annabel Levert, President - SAS AkiNaO

ABIM is the greatest opportunity to meet our partners and discover new ones. In AkiNaO we can't miss this opportunity, so this year let's virtually meet each other!

Why participate in ABIM 2020?

Carol Pullen, Europe General Manager ORO AGRI, Platinum sponsor

"I am seeing the “virtual ABIM” as a new opportunity to potentially reach more people interested in the growing BIOCONTROL market. In the past, due to the extensive costs in bringing people to Switzerland, we had to pull “lottery tickets” with the team to see who can go.
This year, with ABIM being virtual, I potentially see a LOT more attendees and I know my entire team would like to attend (depending on costs of course).
We have been a supporter of the IBMA since 2011 and ABIM is the highlight of our promotional activities for the year where we have been a Platinum Sponsor of ABIM since 2012. ABIM has always been an opportunity to not only meet with potential collaborators in the biocontrol sector, but also a venue for us to meet with all our biocontrol distributors who attend the annual ABIM conference.
 Since I am always too busy with meetings during ABIM, I am hoping to attend more presentations this year and hopefully all the presentations will be made available on-line".

Why participate in ABIM 2020?

Tillmann Frank, e-nema, Germany

"An essential argument for holding a virtual conference is to keep “ABIM” alive. ABIM is the format of our industry sector. It represents our industry, our ideas and our vision to the world outside. We should therefore lift up our banner “ABIM” to make sure it is constantly noted and stays alive. I therefore hope that many companies, especially those representing the inner circle of our industry, contribute to make this virtual format in this particular year successful".


  • ABIM 2020
    19-21 October (virtual)
  • ABIM 2021
    18-20 October
  • ABIM 2022
    24-26 October
  • ABIM 2023
    23-25 October

ABIM Meeting App

The ABIM Meeting App is designed to make your visit to Basel for attending ABIM or your Virtual Participation in ABIM as efficient as possible.

Also available are links to the City of Basel Tourist Office and regular news updates from around the event. You can also create a customised schedule for all three days so you do not miss those important meetings or presentations.

So whether you are a first time delegate or a regular attendee; an exhibitor or a speaker; here in person for one day or three or participating in Virtual ABIM for the first time; the ABIM App is designed to help you make the best use of your time at ABIM.

Importantly, the ABIM App also allows you to connect with other delegates with the 1-to-1 meetings facility. This allows you to arrange meetings with fellow delegates, book tables in the 1-to-1 area or you can even decide to meet at any convenient location such as an exhibition booth. Please download and take time to explore the menu, there is more to the App than at first meets the eye.

To access the ABIM App, visit our App page either via smartphone/tablet or on your desktop computer. Alternatively, you can scan the QR code below.

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